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8 Must-Have Apps for 2024

Updated: Jan 8

For growing together: Soulpod

Soulpod is a spiritual community for modern mystics. The app offers different spiritual journeys and you take a quiz to find out which one is right for you, then you're placed in a soulpod with other people who are on the same journey.

For astrology: Soulloop

Oh, how I love this app! Soulloop combines the best of woo-woo and practicality to create an intuitive astrological experience. Plus, how it incorporates moon phases each day and breaks down how chakras show up in your birth chart is unlike anything I've seen on other apps.

For boosting creativity: Human Space

Human Space is all about unlocking your curiosity through wonder and wander. Between inquisitive stories, stress relievers, and new vocabulary words, Human Space reinvigorates what it means to just be alive.

For therapy: Bloom

Bloom is for you if you need therapy, but are unable to get one for whatever reason. Whether you can't find one, can't afford one, or feel iffy about opening up to a stranger, Bloom utilizes the power of AI to help you heal without breaking the budget or going through the awkward phase that sometimes comes with getting to know a new therapist.

For protecting your peace: Open

Open utilizes breathwork, meditation, movement, and sound to create immersive on-demand and live experiences to bridge the gap between your body and your mind.

For workouts: Apple Fitness+

Hands down, Apple Fitness+ is the best fitness app I've used — especially if you have an Apple watch. the interactive workouts that come with seeing your real-time progress on the screen make exercising feel like a high-end luxury.

For motivation: Goalcast

We could all use a little pep talk now and then. Goalcast is a super motivator that features compelling stories by some of the world's greatest teachers, preachers, and thought leaders. Each clip is sure to light a fire under your day.

For tracking your cycle: Lively

Lively doesn't just focus on your period. It focuses on your entire cycle. Every day, you can find a set of actions to take called Do, Eat, and Move based on where you are in your cycle.


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